Drywall Tool Depot opened in 2014 and has taken the internet by storm, by saving drywall contractors money, and providing excellent service. Founded by Daniel Martinez, whose goal is to make sure every drywall contractor in America has the tools that they need to get the job done. We take pride in carrying more tools and more brands than all the other guys. We are built on 2 core principles. We are small enough to care and big enough to make sure the job gets done right at all cost. Trust us to help you with all of your drywall tool/supply needs.

Meet The Team

Daniel Martinez


15 years in the drywall industry.

Kyle Platt

Product And Development

3 years in the drywall industry.

Tony Martinez


12 years in the drywall industry.

Speaks 4 Languages

Jenna Martinez


8 years in the drywall industry.

Anthony Martinez


20 years in the drywall industry.

Shelby Burnley


3 years in the drywall industry.

Position Available

IT and design

10 years in IT and Design

Position Available


5 years in the drywall industry.

9 years in Executive Strategy

Mary Martinez


12 years in the drywall industry.

36 years of accounting.

Edward Stewart

Construction Coordinator

15 years in the construction industry.

Cody Smith

Store Manager

Basketball King

2 years in the drywall industry.

Jon McCool

Supervisor Of Tool Repairs

12 years in Tool Repair

Noah Martinez

Executive Director

Connor Martinez

Executive Director

Avery Martinez

Executive Director

What sets us apart from the other guys

Drywall Tool Depot has been committed to the drywall industry since its inception.  We have gone to great lengths to help every drywall worker we have been in contact with to make sure they have to tools and the supplies they need to stay ahead of the curve through innovation in the drywall industry.  We are a family business.  We might not all have the same last name, but when you work for us or you trust us with your business we make you feel like family.  We are a company founded on 3 basic principles

Customer Satisfaction
Who are we if not for you or great customers.  We stand behind our name and our brand.  We will do everything we can to make sure that when you place your order with us, you can rest assured it comes with a Drywall Tool Depot Guarantee of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Attention to detail

The big difference with us is that we make sure every order is a priority.  We know that your time equals money.  We work every day to make our website, and our store locations user friendly.  We treat all orders the same whether it is a Tapetech bolt that you need or a entire set of tools, you can count on us to deliver for you every time.

Having fun
whoever said work couldnt be fun!  We here at Drywall Tool Depot try and make every day a fun day.  We put our employees first so they can put you, our amazing customers first.

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for getting the order out so quick.  We were able to finish the job before the deadline."

Your Name, Juan Escobedo

"The Sheetrock brand knives are amazing!   Thanks for taking my call and helping me place my first of many orders!"

Your Name, Parker Robinson

"The leather texture roller worked perfectly.  Will def contact yall next time I need anything related to drywall,"

Your Name, Charles Mayhew