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PRO-TECT 2" inch Door Threshold Protection Tape 6 MIL  (PT6B-2S) PRO-TECT Tacky Mat Blue 24"x 36" [2 PACKS OF 30 SHEETS] PRO-TECT Carpet Film Dispenser 24" 30" 36"  (PCD-243036)
PRO-TECT 2" inch Door Threshold Protection Tape 6 MIL (PT6B-2S)

This UV-treated tough-skinned 6-mil. poly-vinyl tape will stand up to traffic, dirt and also help prevent water damage. It is excellent protection for door thresholds preventing needless dirt, scratches, and abrasions. It stays in place yet removes easily without leaving an adhesive residue.

PRO-TECT Tacky Mat Blue 24"x 36" [2 PACKS OF 30 SHEETS]

Drywall Dust? Dirty Boots? No Problem

The Surface Protection Mat:

Surface Protection Mats have all kinds of different names in the market, Tacky Mats, Sticky Mats, etc. The bottom line is when you need to stop light dirt and dust from spreading around the job site, Surface Protection Mats are the way to go.

Our most Popular Seller is the 36″ x 24″ (30 sheets on a mat) a great floor protection, dust control product. Put one where you enter a job or where you leave a job and watch the mat take off the light drywall dust or light dirt right off your shoe. There are 30 sheets on a mat so as the top sheet gets dirty peel it off and there is another mat ready to stop dust from leaving the job site.

Do I need a Surface Protection Mat Mount:

The Surface Protection Floor Mat is design to stick down where you put it. If you plan on leaving it there or don’t plan on using it for a different job then you don’t need the Mat Mount. How ever, if you plan on using the Surface Protection Mat on different jobs then the Mat Mount is a must have.

The Mat Mount allows you to move the Surface Protection Mat from site to site or around the job site. It works on hard surfaces and carpeting and has enough weight to it that it won’t kick up as you walk over it.

PRO-TECT Carpet Film Dispenser 24" 30" 36" (PCD-243036)

Multi-size 24″, 30″, 36″ Dispenser – 1 unit

Pro Tect Carpet Dispenser is the fastest way to apply this product and can also be used with Pro Tect Multi-Use Red.

Use this standard dispenser for the 24″, 30″ and 36″ roll widths.

Combat Mat 35" X 10'6" Heavy Duty Stitched

Combat Mat 35" X 10'6" Heavy Duty Stitched

Combat Mat™ is a new high-impact jobsite floor reinforcer. It greatly reduces risk of tipping drywall carts and enables full cart loads to be delivered on some of the weakest floors.


  • Easy-to-use: Carries in a compact suitcase like design with handles -- unfolds 5xs the carrying size and takes only seconds to lay out and pick back up.
  • Reusable: When the job is done simply fold Combat Mat™ back up and bring it to the next job.
  • Durable: Extreme rip resistance and PSI strength – ballistic nylon and HDPE makes Combat Mat™ the Supersoldier you can rely on from jobsite to jobsite.


  • Efficiency: Save 30 to 60 minutes delivering to multi-family buildings, on average.
  • Safety: Eliminates the risk of loaded carts tipping over from wheels puncturing the OSB plywood floors – Combat Mat™ can support any drywall size and weight put on drywall carts.
  • Cost Savings: Replaces small metal ramps -- Combat Mat™ can be unfolded out once to clear 1” transitions or folded to a U–track shape for 2” transitions.